The birth of Mixellaneous is a tale of the true and enduring entrepreneurial spirit.

Back in 1990, Michelle Stander and her sister, Paula Zuckerman, launched The Playing Field, a children’s boutique in Evesham’s Greentree Square.It was a labor of love — sisterly and mercantile. The fit and the timing were right.

After fifteen years, they decided to sell the store and move on to whatever the next chapter was going to be.

Tapping into her creative spirit, Michelle kept a book of business ideas, writing in it all the time.Her husband, Eric, was her confidant and cheerleader, encouraging her to try something new.“Jump!” he urged her, “I’ll catch you if you fall.”

That jump would come after dozens of ideas swirled around, and after advice came from a financial adviser and an informal board of directors.

Enter Mixellaneous, a place where all of those ideas came to rest.Six thousand square feet of space filled with fun, unique, and interesting gifts and so much more!